Rockabilly, Psychobilly, & Pompadour Hairstyles

Rockabilly HairstyleJapanese rockabilly hairstyle. Photo by photobento. Above hairstyle was taken from Japan Rockabilly in Yoyogi Park Tokyo.

During the 30s, 40s and early 50s, the rockabilly hairstyle was in vogue. In that time it was the strong and sensual attitude from men and women of the working class what set the trend, later on, even housewives and high class circles embraced rockabilly hairdos.

Betty Page and Elvis Presley are icon figures that wore these hairstyles as a trademark since rockabilly fashion was born in a subculture that followed rock and roll and fast cars.

Even now many celebrities wear these looks and make them their own, adding personal touches and combining it with modern fashion. These modern rockabilly hairstyles are an option to style your hair in this way and not necessarily cutting it in layers and bangs as many hairdressers consider is a must to have a successful rockabilly style. The most famous man for his rockabilly hairstyle of all times would surely be Elvis Presley.

Rockabilly for Men

Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra are perfect examples of rockabilly hairstyles for men. The pompadour, as it is also called, is a haircut that wears the top and back longer than the sides. Nowadays even women with short hair style it this way, like Pink and Rihanna.

If you want that true pompadour, you need to inform your barber that you do not want the conservative rockabilly but rather a real high hit pompadour. The way your barber needs to cut your hair are different.

Rockabilly for Women

Rockabilly girls were the first to wear pants in public and bandanas in their hairs. A regular feature of this style was the use of bangs and curls. Pin up girls used this style to look bold and yet sexy and cute. Commercials at the time featured these hairstyles as the average population's traditional hairdo.

How to Make A Pompadour

With a little bit of practice, you too can make your hair into the real greasy pompador. After washing your hair, grease your hair properly with pomade. When you comb it backwards you can either part it or just comb it backwards. Pull slightly on the front of the pompadour to lift it a bit. When you look at your hair from the side, it must take on the shape of a wedge.

Rockabilly Hairstyle gallery:

If you, like many others, decide to make the rockabilly your look and get your hair cut accordingly or if you just want to wear it on a special occasion, one thing is for sure: Everyone will notice it! You can rock this style with a pair of jeans or dress up.

Bruce Lee's Simple Hairstyle

Bruce Lee is a legend in martial art, but his hairstyle is pretty simple. A simple brushed bowl hairstyle helped him to act & fight lightly. His hairstyle accentuates the athleticism of Asian athletes.

Photo by

See How if A Man Using Women's Hairstyles

Haircut picture by raffyd.
Women's hair and men's hair typically are different. He looks... wheww... You should not wear any women's hairstyles unless you really find the suitable one.

Cool Punk Haircut

Haircut picture by Lady Vervaine.

Punk is the fashion styles of the 1970s were intended to appear as confrontational thing including hairstyles, clothing, cosmetics, etc. Punk hair is typically dyed in unnatural bright colors such as yellow & chrome to drew attention.

Cool punk hair.

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