Buzz Cuts - Very Short Hairstyles for Men

Buzz cut hairstyle from Brad PittBrad Pitt's buzz cut

The buzz cut seems to stay in style. No matter what the latest style trend is, you still see the buzz cut everywhere. Why not? This is a great opportunity for a man to get a whole new look. It is also a perfect way to start off the summer, nice and cool.

You really can not ask for an easier to maintain hairstyle. The buzz cut is virtually maintenance free. You can literally have your hair dry with a towel in a matter of seconds. No fussing with gels and sprays and never a need for blow drying. The best part is that you can stop worrying about those bad hair days. With a buzz cut you can always know what to expect.

The buzz cut is a very simple and generally quick hair cut. It gets it's name from the sound that the clippers make while the hair is being cut. Believe it or not, the buzz cut does come in different lengths. Some people prefer to have a shorter cut. In this case a shorter clipper attachment is used. This allows the clippers to get closer to the head, causing a closer cut.

Having a buzz cut does not mean foregoing style. There are many available. Some people prefer to have only the sides buzzed, while leaving more hair on top of the head for styling. This will allow for many different looks depending on if the hair is straight or curly, thick or thin.

It seems that at times of heightened military awareness, the buzz cut has a resurgence of popularity. Obviously, for those in the service this is out of obligation. However, it seems that this serves as a reminder to many individuals of how much simpler this would be to maintain. Not to mention that it is a nice clean cut look.

Buzz Cut Hairstyles Gallery

Buzz cuts can look great and make life a lot easier. If you want a great looking, low maintenance hair cut, give it a try. You may just decide to keep it.

Choose from the buzz cut styles below for new haircut inspiration:

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