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Cool mens punk hairstyle from Deryck Whibley.
Deryck Whibley punk hairstyle

When you think about a punk hairstyle, there are many different fashions that you can incorporate. This article will give a quick rundown of the history of the style than followed by some suggestions on the different ways you can use punk hairstyle to make a statement about yourself.

To give you a better history of the punk hairstyle, it hails back to the 1970s. The inspiration for the hairstyle came from the punk rock music of the time. The musicians often would dye their hair and spike it. This was used as a way to send a message confronting the rules of everyday society.

Today with punk hairstyle, you can still decide to dye the hair, spike it, or do both. Some people will go for the full effort and both dye and spike the hair. You can go for a Mohawk if you wanted to go this route as well when spiking and dying the hair. Some people prefer not to spike the hair so you can do an un-spiked Mohawk if it speaks to you. Deryck Whibley of Canadian band fame Sum 41 has dyed his hair occasionally and simply worked to get full spikes going in all directions. To do a Mohawk, it is recommended that you cut the hair not used for the Mohawk to about 3/8” to ½” while keeping the Mohawk part of your hair as long as you want it to be. There is not a standard length for a Mohawk and it has more to do with how much you want to push your punk hairstyle. If you are choosing to dye your hair, it is normally recommended to choose unnatural colors such as red, pink, or blue. You can choose to dye your hair whatever color you want but these are the types of colors that hail back to the beginning of the punk hairstyle.

Depending upon the constraints if you have a job, you can potentially do a more moderate look. A good example is Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame. He spikes his hair to show disregard for society but his hair is shorter. This could fit both for a conservative day job and then you spike it at night to get the punk hairstyle to show who you really are.

As you can see, a punk hairstyle is not for everyone. For that person who wants to stand out and is not for everyday conformity, this hairstyle can fit. Browsing through pictures can give you a better idea how you will really want to style your hair.

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Punk Hair Styling Tips

  • How To Get Punk Hair Easy
    There are several ways that you can change your hair style. But, how to get punk hair will take some thought and planning. When you decide that you want a punk look, you will need to find a men's hairstylist that has experience with creating distinctive, signature looks using the tools that will make your hair reflect your style.

  • How To Style A Mohawk Haircut: Fanned Mohawk & Liberty Spike
    Individuals that fall into this subculture tend to be freethinkers and have a strong desire to stand out from the crowd. One method used to do this is having the hair in a style that is completely nontraditional. One of the most often seen haircuts among this group is the Mohawk. For anyone interested in obtaining this particular look it is important they learn how to style a Mohawk haircut.

  • A Brief History Of Punk Hairstyle Trends
    Throughout the western world, Europe and America alike, there is a subculture of individuals who are extreme free thinkers. This subculture is very anti-establishment and is known as punk. This movement began in the 1960s and has continued to today. While the punk culture follows its own fashion trends apart from mainstream society in many areas, here, we are going to look at a brief history of punk hairstyle trends.

  • The Usefulness Of Temporary Hair Color
    As we grow older, gray starts to creep into our hair. For most men this creates a distinguished look, allowing them not to worry about it. Yet there are some who prefer to cover the gray and maintain a more youthful appearance. In these cases, men are more likely to use a permanent hair color. However, there are a surprising number of uses for temporary hair color, even among younger men.

  • How to Pick A Hair Color
    Choosing a hair color can seem to be an arduous task, especially for guys. Most men prefer to keep their natural color unless they are going for an emo look or a punk style. This holds true until the gray starts to come in, anyway. Some prefer to let gray hair make them look more distinguished while others prefer to color their hair to avoid looking older than they are. We will take at look at how to pick a hair color for those men who desire a change without taking on a wild look.

  • Punk Hair Color Tips - So you Wanna go Punk?
    You’ve thought about it and thought about it, and now you’re sure. You’re sick and tired of looking like a prep, and you want to go for some punk hair color. There’s just something about the thought of bright blue (or green, or purple) hair, spiking at odd angles, that just plain does it for you. But, when considering punk hair color, where should you begin? There are tons of punk hair color resources out there, but most of them are geared towards women. Sure, you can try to tweak them to fit a dude’s hair, but should you? The last thing you want is for your blow-them-away blue punk hair color to end up looking more like pond scum than hair has a right to.

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