Online Virtual Hairstyles Makeover for Men

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Some people seem to chop their hair off or dye it amazing colors without any qualms at all. If that's not you, then a virtual hair makeover can help you feel more confident before you actually head to the salon. In fact, some salons actually do this for you before you even get a haircut.

Essentially, a virtual haircut will show you what you'd look like with different hairstyles without you having to do anything. You can do this on your own or get a studio to do it for you. There are online programs that will let you upload a photo and test the various hairstyles that they feature on the site. When you find one that suits you, you can just print it off and take it to the salon with you!

For best results, try the following tips:

First, try to put your hair back in a ponytail or else wet it for the photo so it is close to your head. This ensures that the sleeker styles in the virtual makeover program won't look odd with your real hair sticking out. Keep your hair off your shoulders, as well. It is best if you can't really see your hair except on top of your head.

Next, take the photo face forward. Don't tilt your head or even turn it slightly, since this will look odd later on the site. The hair pieces that you will be looking at are designed to go on top of a face, not to the side.

Remember that there are controls and use them. When you try a type of hair on, try tilting it slightly or resizing it to make it look more realistic. A virtual hair makeover can really change the way you look, without having to take the drastic lea. Once you're satisfied with a look, head to the salon with it and let them go wild.

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