Asian, Korean, Japanese Hairstyles For Men

Asian hairstyles did not normally stand out in the past. Many times Asian hairstyles were done to match other cultures’ hairstyles but that has changed in the not too distant past. Several different styles will now come based off of the high quality that is Asian hair. Hair tends to be thick and is very straight. Playing off of that strength, you can do many different textured looks, whether you like short or medium length hair. If you want to go beyond medium length, you should look at layering your hair (better not to go beyond shoulder length most times). Short textured hair is a good choice for anyone who likes to remain with the traditional look but class it up a bit. This works especially well if you want to remain cool but remain within the confines of socially acceptable for a conservative working professional. Medium length hair is best as textured and can project an image of someone who is modest but takes care of his looks. Going shoulder length should dictate that you layer your hair and this can give you a preppy look as a result. If you are a younger Asian male and want to push the edges, you may want to do messy spiky hair. This hairdo has more of an urban theme to it and completely pushes the borders on what these hairstyles are all about.

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