Surfer Hairstyles For Men

Men's Surfer Hairstyle
Surfer hairstyle with black eyeglasses. Photo by - Zephyr -

Surfer Hair became popular in the late 60’s and had a long life that lasted throughout the 80’s. A shaggy, tussled hairdo bleached blond by long exposure by the sun make this hairstyle very popular in warm, beachy areas such as California and Hawaii. But guys across the country long to have the surfer hair cut. A trend that comes and goes, but never stays away for too long, surfer hair is summer.

The hair is kept long and in layers and the salt sea water, plus sand and tanning oil, make the hair a wind swept lovely mess. Nowadays, those seeking the surfer look can get it in any hair salon or right in front of their own mirror. Hair gels, hair wax and pomades create the "surfer look” in addition to some products that are specifically named for beach hair. Products such as those by Bumble and Bumble Beach Hair that actually has salt water in it, create just the perfect look.

The surfer hair cut has changed throughout the years. What was once made up of very long hair to the shoulder has not become shorter hair but with long layers. Bangs that can be put behind the ears but with the back barely hitting the shoulders. Parted to the side versus down the middle, creates this updated surfer look.
Surfer hair with messy texture
Surfer hair with messy texture. Photo by GMF Photo

Surfer HairstylesSurfer hairstyles. Click the photo to see larger. Photos by In Between Dreams

The Beach Boys said it best when they said sang about the beach. It represents some of our greatest memories of endless summers. The surfer hair cut represents that same time and creates a sexy, relaxed look. For those who want to rock surfer hair, they need just get a great haircut and have some surfer hair product. Its pretty simple to look like a beach boy!

Surfer Hair Pictures Gallery

Many celebrities have adopted the surfer look at some point. Those such as David Beckham, Owen Wilson and Matthew McConaughey are noteworthy celebrities that made surfer hair more popular I this decade. Surfers are known to be laid back, happy, tanned and muscular. Their sunkissed faces and windblown hair are sexy and remind everyone of their favorite times on the beach.
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