Choosing the Right Men's Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

If you know yourself, you will find how amazing what the right hairstyle can do for your face, although you don't follow the latest hair trends. Choosing the right hairstyle is so important. Why? Because it can minimize or maximize non pleasing attributes while promoting and complimenting positive or negative ones. You can imagine that choosing a hairstyle is about doing the right thing, while cutting is about doing thing right.

There are several things you must know about yourself before you get a new haircut. One of the most important things of haircut suitability is knowing your face shape. A general rule that applies to face shape balancing is that you should try to achieve an oval shape, which is the most perfect and pleasing shape to the human eyes. To do this, long faces need shortening, just as wide faces need lengthening.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Look in the mirror or look at a photo of yourself that has the hair off your face and find the best match from the following pictures. It's important to remember that even though your face may not be an exact match of any single shape, it will resemble one shape over all.
Now that you know your face shape and how to choose the right hairstyle, what's next? Want to try on that new hairstyle before you get it? You can view yourself with many men's hairstyles before you get it >>

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