Emile Hirsch Hairstyles

Emile Hirsch New Hairstyle Emile Hirsch Hairstyle. Photo via Popsugar, view more photos.

Here's the latest hairstyle of Emile Hirsch, an American actor best known for his roles in The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, Into the Wild, and Speed Racer. He looks cute with this hairstyle. His front section has been left a little longer and brushed up to provide a bit of wave above the forehead. The extra height on the top make his face look slimmer.

Hirsch has had some great hairstyles in the past. Here are some past haircuts pictures of Emile Hirsch (click to see them larger):
Shag mens hairstyles from Emile Hirsch Shag mens hairstyles tuxedo from Emile Hirsch
Cute hairstyle from Emile Hirsch Cool mens hairstyles from Emile

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