Men's Shag Haircuts (Shaggy Hairstyles)

Shag haircut from Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher with his shaggy hairstyle.

If you're like most men, your hair is something you aren't completely sure you know what to with and you hope to keep for a very long time. It never really occurred to you that a new hairstyle could be a fashion statement or a way to express yourself like a new outfit or a really cool pair of shoes. Well, it is and there have never been more hairstyle choices for men of every age and personality. And, for the hippest of you, there's the latest trend – shaggy hairstyles. These strategically-unkempt cuts will give you that carefree look you like without the hassle of a more high-maintenance 'do.

You'll want to start with a great cut by a skilled stylist. Don't get scared off if they come at you wielding a straight razor, they may use this great tool to give you a less exact cut to add to the look. There will also be considerable hair on the floor beneath you (especially if you have longer hair). This is because of the layers your stylist will need to cut into your hair to help give you a shaggy look. They may also use thinning shears on your hair if it's thick to give some additional dimension to your style.

Once you've got that uber-cool shag haircut, you'll want to keep a few things in mind such as:
  • Products – Check with your stylist on which products work best for your new hairstyle. They'll have suggestions for you. Use them. They'll make your hair do what it should
  • Maintenance – You'll want to go back every 6-8 weeks to have this look maintained by your stylist or it may go from hip to hokey.
  • Age-appropriateness – You may need to adjust your shaggy style based on your age. If you're a bit older, you can modify the look to keep it both modern and age appropriate.
Never think you're "stuck" with your current look and never feel as though you can't talk to your stylist when you want to change. If they aren't listening, you may want to switch stylists and find one more open to your desire for change. Your hair says more about you and your lifestyle than you think and a hair "makeover" can be just the thing if you feel you're in a rut. Once you've achieved your perfect shag hairstyle, you'll be surprised at the reactions from friends and family as they take note of this flattering look.

Take a look at our shag haircut pictures:

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