Shag Hairstyles and Haircuts

Shag Hairstyles and Haircuts

The "shag hairstyle">shag hairstyle basically gotits name from the word "shaggy" since once the hair
is cutand layered it gives off a shaggy look. The shag hairstyle has always been apopular hairstyle, and there are plenty ofshag
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Firstly we should explain exactly what a shag hairstyle is, wella
shag hairstyle is basically one that is cutin layers. Another name
for the shag hairstyle is alayered hairstyle. You can choose from
avery ""
title="short shag hairstyle">short shag hairstyle
, a mediumlength shag hairstyle, or you can also have a
longerlength shag hairstyle.

Shag hairstyles are great forthose women who have round or rather
plumpfaces, as it makes the face look thinner. They are also good
for women who have very thickhair, as in cutting layers intothe
hair, it looks less thick. A shag hairstyle isalso perfect for
those with heavy curly hair, as ithas the effect of making the hair
look lighter andless heavy.

Why Do We Choose a Shag Hair Style?

Shag haircut looksgood on nearly everyone, no matter what color
your hairis, is looks particularly goodon those with mousy or brown
hair, if highlights are also put into the hair atthesame time that
it is cut into the shag style. One of the great things about a shag hairstyle is that is very
easy to manage. Some ""
title="shag hairstyles">shag hairstyles
do not even need blowdrying, you can let the hair dry naturally
and it will still look good.

Short Shag Hairstyle. Shag Hairstyles for Short & Medium Hair

Amedium length shag hairstyle allows you to also wear your hair up
ina ponytail or to clip it back off your face. A shortlength shag
hairstyle looks good on young girls and is a goodchoice of "hairstyle for young girls">hairstyle for young girls.

Shags are a popular choice among many, because ofits easy
maintenance and its versatility. No matter what length you decide
to wear your shag, you can always dressit up by adding highlights
or dying your hair adifferent color than your original hair color.
You canalso add tapered or fringed bangs to accentuate your
hairstyle features and finish offthe look.

However, a shag hairstyle isnot only for women, plenty of men
alsochoose to have a shag hairstyle. If you would like an idea of the kind of ""
title="shag hairstyles">shag hairstyles
available then why notbuy a celebrity hair magazine, they are full
of ideasand inspiration.

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