The Best Shag Haircut and Styles - Your Options Beyond the Basics

The Long and the Short of It - Your Options Beyond the Basics

The short shag is easy to maintain. This style usually has about
two to three layers and frames your face. The back generally has
less layers. The ""
title="short shag haircut">short shag haircut
is suitable for all kinds of hair except very thick and very fine
tresses. The longest hair is usually at the top of your head. Short
hair grows quite fast and so you should get your hair trimmed every
four to six weeks.

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Shag cuts suit just about everybody. Yet for the best results you
should go to a salon. There your hairdresser hopefully has an eye
for your face shape, the size of your ears, overall proportion and
the length of your neck to decide on the ""
title="best shag cut">best shag cut
for you.

If it's the choppy effect you're after, expect your stylist to use
either a razor or a pair of scissors.

The medium shag is the most common. It's popular because you could try out a
number of variations. You could have a few layers or lots of
layers. It's quite easy to care of too. Bangs would look lovely on
the medium shag. Side swept bangs are the best. The back could be
cut in the shape of a 'U' or a deep 'V'. Soft waves at the back
lend a more formal look would look lovely with your evening gown.

Wavy locks look especially flirty in ""
title="shag cuts">shag cuts
. The short shag does not go beyond the nape of your neck. It's a
very good alternative for the bob. This cut is apt for those with
fine hair as it adds volume and fullness to it. Older women could
go for a blunt cut where the hair is chipped unevenly.

Teenagers often opt for the grunge look. The hair is cut till the
forehead in the first layer. The neck area has long wisps of hair.
Bangs would add a touch of gracefulness. The rest of the hair is
cut in layers or unevenly. To style your hair you should use a gel
and then blow the hair away from your face.

You could also chop the hair at the back. The layers at the crown
and the hair framing the face are as usual. You could also keep the
hair at the crown quite high and long hair from the crown going
down in wisps. For the bangs you might get away with using two
alternating colors for added flare.

The ""
title="long shag haircuts">long shag haircuts
are not as common as the short and the medium. It's a good choice
for those who want a long hairstyle with a few layers. Long shag
hair styles usually have only two or three layers. It's likely best
to let your stylist decide on the length. Longer cuts fall to
shoulder level or almost touch the shoulder. The actual length
would depend on your face shape.

Like the short and the medium shags, the ""
title="long shag">long shag
is best colored in monotone. Most feel streaking does not suit ""
title="shag cuts">shag cuts
. If you think you could use a few highlights rely on an expert at
the salon.

If you have long thick and lustrous hair, you'd look stunningly gorgeous with the long ""
title="shag cut">shag cut

Often the hair at the back is given an uneven cut. Side swept bangs
add beauty to your hairstyle. While changing where you part your
hair would give you a different look too.

You could be adventurous and cut the lengths of your long hair
unevenly. You could use curlers and create wiry tendrils. To taper
the ends of the hair you could use a razor. When you are partying
you could use a mousse to add volume to your hair.

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