From short hair to long hairstyle

The process of going from a long hairstyle to a short one is quick, easy, and fairly painless (sometimes I have greatly missed my long hair after it was gone), but doing it the other way around is time consuming, and can be incredibly rustrating when your hair just will not cooperate or do anything that looks good! Following are 3 rules that have helped me time and again to grow my hair out to that long hairstyle I love.
sexy Long hairstyle
- When growing hair out from short hair to a long hairstyle, it is helpful to get a layered cut. With layers, some of that awkward in between stage is avoided. There is no way to get completely around that time when a short cut is growing out and all that can be done is to put it up in a pony or pins, but layering will act as camouflage until the top of the hair can catch up to the bottom for a long straight style. Long layers are also a very elegant and popular style currently, so a layered cut is not a waste of time and effort by any means. Plus layers add body and character to long straight hair that tends to be flat, so if you have not considered a long layered look, do so; it looks good on everyone.

- For hair to increase its length quickly, it has to grow faster than it breaks. This means get two awesome conditioners. One for in the shower, to leave on after the natural oils have been stripped from the hair by shampooing, to restore some of its vitamins and minerals, and one to leave in, to protect your hair from the environment and keep it healthy. In the warm months, when activity levels are at their highest, a light weight conditioner that is anti-breakage or frizz will be the best as long hair spends much time in updos. In the winter, use a thicker moisture rich cream that will keep the hair protected from cold winds, dry air, and the hair dryer which is essential for those who shower-and-go even when it is freezing outside.


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