Trendy Haircuts for 40+ Women

If you think that, because you’re - pick one - 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+, 80+year old woman, you can’t wear the new hairstyles modeled by 20+ women, here’s a newsflash for you: YOU’RE WRONG!

Age has very little to do with a good hairstyle. Many hairstyles are classics; look at Queen Elizabeth, for instance. She’s been wearing her regal style for years, and it suits her.

Liza Minnelli shag haircut

The short full cut favored by Princess Diana, the gamine look worn so successfully by Audrey Hepburn, the thick, spiky dark locks Liza Minelli made famous, Edith Head’s dark bangs, Jane Fonda’s fabulous shag in “Klute,” and Barbra Streisand’s sleek long bob are all classic styles.

Those of us over 40 can honestly say that we’ve seen hairstyles come and go, and have also seen styles of our youth repeated years later. The new hair products alone make some of the styling we enjoy today possible.

Back when I started going to what was then known as a “beauty parlor,” the choices were pretty slim; a basic haircut, a poodle perm, some pretty lightless all-over permanent coloring, and shellac-based hairspray.

Shag gaircut choice

Now that we are all alive and well in the 2000s, we have more hairstyle choices than ever. You can see wonderful styles everywhere—on magazine covers, newspapers, talk shows, soaps, TV sitcoms, etc. But the disturbing truth is that you mainly see these fabulous styles on young women. Does this mean that, after 30, our hair choices go in the proverbial dustbin? Absolutely not!

A good hairstyle lends itself to many variations, and is not limited to certain ages. Yes, of course there are some styles that are definitely too young - for example, girly little ponytails high on either side of the head, secured with pink plastic bows probably aren’t going to work for someone over the age of 9.


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