Pony tails - the best haircut 2009

2009 Hairstyles - Pony Tails

Pony tails - the best haircut 2009If you want to keep your hair long, but also want to show off your beautiful face to it's full glory, then a pony tail is the answer. Giving a cropped hair effect, pony tails are practical and stylish. Dress up the pony tail with hair accessories such as sparkling grips, even feathers and plastic alice bands.

This years pony tails are more than just scraped back hair, the actual pony tail should be scrunched or crimped for a full bodied textured look. Half pony tails also look cute and are fashionable in 2009, as worn by Cate Blanchett, easy to style, just as it sounds, tie back half the hair, leaving lots of soft strands, for a less severe form of updo.

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