I am going to write a book.

Chocolate macarons with mint butter cream and vanilla macarons with strawberry butter cream.

I think I will write a book called "How to build self-confidence through baking french pastries". Anyone think they'd read it?

I'll give you all a glimpse into my post-graduate life. I usually wake up (very briefly) as B leaves for work bright and early at 8:30am. Now if I'm feeling particularly motivated I'll get up when he leaves and get on with my day. In reality I usually pull myself out of bed around 10:00. Because I'm unemployed and I don't want to fall into a slump of eternal laziness I try and set at least one goal to accomplish each day. This goal is in addition to my one-hour work-out goal, keep-the-apartment-tidy goal and search-for-and-apply-for-as-many-jobs-you-can-find goal. Its usually something creative (like sewing bags for stores or making my necklaces). For the past three days I have tried my hand at making macarons (see: yesterdays post). The improvements I've made each day have really lent themselves to boosting my can-do power! That is, I can-do, anything I want-to. Teach that to motto to your kids. The macarons today were fantastic! And I feel great about it - thus the prompt to right book (see: above)

In other news I have postponed my second Grouse Grind hike for a couple of weeks. Last Wednesday I did the Grind (2.9km hike up Grouse Mountain) for the first time. Although it was hard, like people warned, my sister and I managed to do it in a fairly respectable time of 1.5 hours. Its something I'd like to do at least once a month, improving my time as I go. My usual day-to-day work out usually consists of 60 minutes HARD on the elliptical trainer and then some less-intense half hour physical activity. I find this method works for me as I am able to eat more (see: macarons) throughout the day. Yet, I get bored of it and doing activities like the Grouse Grind (and hopefully Booty Camp in September) keep me interested in working out.

My 12 week weigh-in is tomorrow, so I'll be sure to post about that!

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