The Macaron Saga Begins

So for anyone who frequents the design side of the blog world, you might have noticed a trend in posting about beautiful and delicious french macarons. There are bakeries all over the world (particularly in Paris) who offer these delicate morsels to local inhabitants (see: Paulettes in Beverly Hills), but Vancouver seems to be lacking. Thus in the luxury of all my free time I decided to make them myself. Let me tell you, what seemed like a fairly easy baking venture has turned into quite the baking 'AD'venture.

In preparation I used what meager funds I had to acquire an electric hand mixer, a sieve, a rubber spatula and a piping bag (of very poor quality I might add). I would like to thank my local Wonderbucks for providing the latter three at such reasonable prices, and also the men at the local hardware store for being so patient as I decided which mixer to buy. I googled for recipes and found several helpful sources (see: A La Cuisine and Serious Eats).

On Saturday, my sister (who is quite the baker see: The Cupcake Chair) was in Vancouver so we set out on our first attempt. The results were dismal. The first batch, which had the look of a macaron, were hollow instead of chewy on the inside. The second batch were runny and basically boiled in the oven. So into the garbage they went. Lucky garbage!

On Sunday I made sure to follow the recipe exactly and did all my prep in the evening to prepare for Monday morning. The egg whites are supposed to sit at room-temperature over night to allow them to thicken and I sieved my icing sugar and almond meal.

So this morning, I got up and gave it a go and found...success! They tasted good and looked right (if not a little oblong). They didn't look perfect though so I am going to make another batch tomorrow and then another batch and another until they're perfect and I rule the macaron world (the french will not be pleased). I sandwiched half the batch with orange buttercream and the other with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam. Yum! I used yellow food colouring to colour the cookie part, but it made them look a little too much like hamburgers for my liking.

Let me note that this is definitely not a low calorie snack. It consists of a lot of sugar, almond meal and butter (And egg whites, thank the calorie gods). I definitely used up a large handful of calories today in making (and sampling) them. I promise to exercise better self control tomorrow.

That being said, anyone in the Vancouver area who wants to eat what I create, raise a hand and leave a comment and I would be more than happy to pass it your way!

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