Post Grad Hair Cut and Everything Else I Accomplished After Graduating

Well hello.

I've started this blog to help me (and maybe others) charter through the unfriendly waters of post-graduate life. Five years ago I embarked upon a process of education that I expected would bring me clarity both in my professional and personal life. Upon completing this process I can officially say: no clarity achieved. From losing health benefits, to having to find a "real" job and (worst of all) having to pay regular fare prices for public transit it sometimes feels like once I got my $20,000 piece of paper (enclosed in a 20 cent plastic duotang) I was thrown into the deep sans water wings before finishing my swimming lessons (phew, dig that metaphor).

My blog name comes from this ritualistic pattern I noticed among friends and other ladies upon completing their undergrad. This pattern involved cutting off ones longish type hair style into some degree of a more mature shorter haircut. I think this ritual is symbolic of the beginning of identity creation in post-grad life. I was a student for five years. I lived like a student and identified as a student. Now that I'm no longer a student the identity-forming process begins all over again! Having graduated in May I resisted the ritual for as long as I could, but the urge took over. Now what used to be past-the-shoulder length hair is now above-the-shoulder length hair. And it feels good! Post-graduate choice number one = success!

I intend this blog to document several things. It's main purpose is to act as a journal of my post-grad life including accomplishments both small and large, frustrations and mindless entertaining drivel. This will specifically include:

Details on my quest to lose 90lbs. In June 2009 I started to change my lifestyle in attempts to lose weight. In three months I've lost 30lbs and will post more about what I learn along the way.

Around the same time I started applying for "career" type jobs. Sad to say, I'm still sans employment.

However this gives me a multitude of time to do all the creative things I wanted to do but couldn't due to lack of time while completing my degree. These creative things include, continuing to grow my bag-making business (, jewelry-making, fancy pastry-baking, soap-making, garden-growing, clothes-constructing, party-planning, dinner-cooking, house-cleaning, etc.

So here goes!

My Post Grad Hair Cut

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