Shoe Erosion, Figs, Flowers and Macarons.

These are images I took of my favourite pair of flats. I thought it looked a bit like rocks eroded by the sea. A definite indication that I need to shoes, especially since it will start raining soon. Speaking of rain, I've been lusting for a storm. This overcast weather puts me in a weird mood. I think its a combination of feelings of idleness (because I haven't found work) and nostalgia due to the fact that I will not be returning to school this September (something I have not done since before preschool). I try to keep busy and to pick up small things to cheer me up.

I finally got around to picking up a basket of fresh figs. I'm tempted every time I go to the store. I love figs. Fig newtons, fig gelato, figs with brie and prosciutto in a buckwheat crepe (thanks to the Saturday farmers market). I love to eat them fresh like this. They're extremely high in fiber as well, considering one fig yields 1g of fiber. Mmm fiber. I'm not sure what I will make with them yet. Maybe this recipe for Grilled Fig Salad, or maybe some homemade fig newtons, or Fig and Brie pizza!

Today I went to have lunch with some women I used to work for. It was in a neighbourhood I seldom go to anymore because I have finished school and its a bit out of the way. There is an amazing grocer around the corner that have beautiful flowers at unbelievable prices. I bought this small bouquet of dahlias for $2.99. I wanted to buy several. I think flowers are just incredible.

And to keep up appearances I made these vanilla macarons with chocolate hazelnut filling (well really, its just Nutella) to bring with me to lunch. They were a hit! I need to lay off the macarons though, they're sabotaging my attempts at healthy eating.

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