Wednesday Weigh-In

Through no effort of my own I managed to be down this week. I haven't written anything down in at least two weeks and I exercise three times a week at best. I think I attribute the weight-loss to Booty Camp, building muscle and having fun! (hahaha) I love Boot Camp and I want to do it forever. That being said, if anyone from the Greater Vancouver area wants to come to my Booty Camp session tonight for free (to help me win another four weeks) let me know!

My weight this week is 196.6 that is a loss of 1.6lbs from last week. Hooray! Perhaps this will be the inspiration to get back to my good habits (although being sick might get in the way).

Andrea of 'a cake for a wife' posted an insightful blog about why staying on track is easier than getting back on strack. I like her. You all should read her blog.

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