Weigh-In Wednesday

Well. Not the best week I'd say. Had an emotionally stressful weekend which I attempted to mend with 1/3 jar of nutella last night. Productive! (maybe not). At least I pushed myself to go to the gym at 8pm for an hour.

I've noticed people are talking to me more at the gym. Most of the time they comment on how fast I'm going. I find my reactions settle nicely between flattered and mortified. Today a man leaned over from his elliptical trainer saying "excuse me", "yes?" I replied. He followed with, "how many calories do you usually burn?" me: "uh, well, I, uh..try to push for 1000 in 60 minutes" him: "wow you're on a mission" me: "yup!". He then transitions to treadmill for about 10 minutes, upon his exit he stops and says "well good luck, you're off to a good start". Thanks sweaty fellow gym member!

I think the friendliest people in Vancouver go to my gym.

Anyway, the weigh-in. Down 2lbs! Awesome that means I currently weigh 197.4lbs down a total of 32.6. Hot dog! (Mmm..)

In other news I also won a four week session of Booty Camp thanks to Jess. I wanted to do Booty Camp because they have a class in the park next to my apartment but couldn't afford it at the moment, so this worked out just dandy. Hopefully I'll be able to start in a couple of weeks.

So all in all things are looking up. I had my first interview in months today! Keep your fingers crossed as it is a position I am thoroughly excited about. I'll let you in on it after I hear back about it.

Tonight we're splurging and having Lombardos pizza which is the best pizza around. Thin crust, just the right amount of gourmet toppings. Yes please!

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