Weigh-In Wednesday

Well my friends, this past week has been brilliant and less-than-brilliant. Let's start with the less-than-brilliant. I ate, a lot. I baked a lot and ate a lot of the baking and generally ate whatever I felt like. I'm losing my motivation in the calorie restriction department and it is frustrating. I worry because I generally get to the 30lb mark, feel great about myself and lose motivation and I will not let that happen again. However, I seem to be doing it to myself anyway.

To some degree at least.

The brilliance of the week comes in two parts. First I went to the gym every day (today was the ninth day in a row!) and did an hour of cardio each. Woo! I have been feeling very fit and strong lately, and am enjoying it. This also enabled me to not gain any weight this week. Although I didn't lose any either. The scale stuck at 197.4lbs, just as it was last Wednesday. Oh well! This week will be better. I was originally supposed to be going on a cruise on September 19th to Alaska and had a goal of being at 195lbs by then. Even though the cruise has been canceled, the goal sticks. I start Boot Camp next Monday, so I hope I find new motivation in it.

The second part of my brilliant week is my new found employment! At long last! My last post now places my foot firmly in my mouth, as I got the call shortly after. And its an incredibly dynamic position as well, very much what I had been looking for.

So all in all, things are looking up...waaaaay up.

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