My day off, sick at home.

Today I:

Walked to the drugstore in the rain, wearing rubber boots. I paid $73 for a one month bus pass and $15 on Advil Cold and Sinus. On the way home I stopped and bought some peaches and plums to make a buckle. I used this recipe (modifying the fruit). I took this picture when it was still hot so it crumbled. Still delicious though!

Captured longing. Poor Marty wants to go outside and play with the birds.

Bought something simply because I liked how it was packaged. Toothpaste tube? Funny chestnut man? Sold. It's Chestnut paste, from France. Its really quite tasty (and only 60 calories per 2 tbsp, mind you that includes 17g of sugar, eep). Update: I also saw it on Kiosk which makes it even more fabulous of a find. For those who don't know of Kiosk, check out the link.

I also ate oatmeal for breakfast (as usual, but I got to eat it slow this morning). I slept past nine, had two naps, watched some less than savory television on the internet and did not clean anything (except for dishes from baking). I also made sure to drink plenty of hot water with lemon juice. Go me!

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