I am the whole world.

This year for Halloween I was the world. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of my costume. I basically had a blue tube dress that I sewed fairly accurate (in shape) continents on. I made a little white beret out of an old t-shirt and attached the north pole to it. I even made a necklace with a little airplane on it to zoom around my dress. You can get the general idea from the blurry dancing pictures below. B was Herbert West from the 1985 film Reanimator, nobody knew who he was and he was a little disappointed. Hey, we can't all be well-educated in 80s horror films. We went to a party at my place of work and then later to a friends house party. Conviently I work in a building that used to be the city's morgue. Creepy and perfect for the occasion.

The evening prior was my birthday. 23 years old. Way to go. I like aging, every year I live is a pat on the back for me. Maybe my attitude will change in years to come, but for now bring on 24. B surprised me with tickets to Evil Dead the Musical. It was hilarious, and exceeded my expectations. He got us tickets in the 'splatter zone'. Fake Blood rained down on us from the ceiling and stage. By the end of it my arms and hands were a sticky mess (and for some reason the Vogue theatre thought it a good idea to not let any of us use the washroom to wash our hands). I wish I had a picture.

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