If I wanted a new bad habit...

I would smoke these.

Sobranie Russian Cigarettes. Particularly 'London Cocktail'. I am enthralled after seeing them in 'An Education' last night. If I go to Paris, I want to go to 1960s Paris. Someone build me a time machine.

Apparently 'Sobranie' means 'Assembly' in Russian. Appropriate considering the assembly of this product is beautiful.

I'm tempted to track some down and try them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I work in a museum that happens to have a collection of human organs. These organs show different causes of death in people. It just so happens we have a smoker's lung (it's not pretty folks). It just so happens the building I work in is the city's old morgue. Thus, no cigarettes for me.

B and I have been planning a trip to Paris for the end of February. It's more fantasy planning than anything because I'm not quite ready to make that kind of financial, realistic commitment. We might go, we might not. All I want to do is eat the best macarons, cheese and baguettes I can find.

P.S. Upon further investigation I'd also smoke these. Nat Sherman Fantasia Cigarettes. So bright.

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