Last night I showered with my yoga mat.

It's true. Well most of it, it's actually my sister's yoga mat. It was filthy. After eight weeks of outdoor Booty Camp (the last four of which were very muddy) the poor mat was a mess. And how do you clean a extra long yoga mat? In the bathtub of course!

Booty Camp was everything I had hoped it would be. Fun, challenging and motivating. I have to say I did not end up dedicating myself as much as I had hoped but I still enjoyed going twice a week and working out for an hour in a group setting and outdoors (even when it was dark and cold). I recommend this class for anyone looking to mix up their workout or weight-loss program. Though I have stumbled off the health-conscious path since September I am determined to get back on it before Christmas. I miss exercising consistently, but I know it will be a challenge now that the days seem shorter. As soon as its dark outside I don't want to go out again, even if its to the gym only two blocks away.

In other news, I'm still procrastinating.

I will, again this year, have a table at Got Craft on December 6th. For those you who are not familiar with my business, check out my Sam Made blog in my profile. Every year I wait until the last minute to prepare products and prep my display. This year I thought it would be different since I don't have exams and papers to write around the same time. Ha ha -- that's all I have to say to myself.

On a more positive note, here's something that I did make. It hangs in our bathroom and holds my jewelry.

I found the idea in an old issue of Blueprint magazine (oh how I miss it, I highly recommend anyone who hasn't read it to find old issues at your local library). All you need is:

1 large shadow box picture frame
paper or fabric to cover the back
small hook screws

I bought everything except the paper at a nicer dollar store a few minutes from my apartment. I think altogether it cost $15.

First remove the glass. I ended up just breaking it (I am not the picture of patience). The screws that kept the glass in place were tiny and some of them were stripped. After a good 20 minutes of effort I got my hammer. The back should be easy to remove. Cover it with the paper/fabric (I bought nice decorative paper from an arts supply store) with your glue/tape. Then screw in hooks where you want them to be. I had a few higher ones for necklaces and others closer together for earrings.

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