Tony Curtis Ducktail Hairstyles

Tony Curtis ducktail hairstyle
Tony Curtis ducktail hairstyle

Tony Curtis is an American actor born June 3, 1925. At birth, his name was Bernard Schwartz but changed this to the screen name Tony Curtis in 1948 when he moved to Hollywood. At the age of 23, he was quickly discovered and awarded a contract with Universal Pictures.

Early films include a role as a rumba dancer in the film Criss Cross for which he did not even receive a credit and the role of a bigoted convict who was chained to Sidney Poitier in the movie The Defiant Ones for which he was given an Oscar nomination.

Tony Curtis Duck's Tail hair

During the 1950s, when Curtis was at his most popular, he was known as quite a screen hunk. The distinctive hairstyle he adopted was known as a duck's tail in the US and as a duck's arse in Great Britain because of the way it swept back and resembled the back end of a duck. Seeing Curtis wearing his hair this way prompted Elvis Presley to adopt the same hairstyle.

A duck tail is achieved by combing the hair on the sides of the head to the back so that the two sides meet in the middle of the back of the head. It takes a great deal of hair oil or styling gel to hold the hair in place, which gave rise to the term "greaser". Wearing a ducktail came to be a sign of rebellion.

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