5 Hot Short Haircuts For Mature Women

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We shouldn’t let our age dictate our hairstyles.There are a number
of styles that are very flattering on women in their prime. The
short haircuts are the most popular hairstyles recently, you can
see a lot girls and celebrities are wear trendy short haircuts.
Then, what kind of short hair style is the most popular the next
year in 2010? Okay, if you want to following the hair trends, these
short haircuts you should consider:

  1. The most classic Short modified bob haircut

    This haircut is nice for women of all ages but would be especially
    flattering for more established women.Just like Jenna Elfman wears
    a short layered hairstyle that is a modification of the bob. It
    features long side-swept bangs and long layers that aren’t too
  2. Short "http://best-shag-haircut-and-styles.blogspot.com/2010/05/medium-length-hairstyle-2010-long-bob_06.html"
    title="shag haircut for women">shag haircut for women

    Lisa Rinna’s haircut is a good example of a short shag cut. The top
    layers are longer and those below eye level are shorter. This
    hairstyle can be worn a little messy and flipped out, or blown
    toward the face for a classy, chic look.
  3. Short curly layered cut

    For women with naturally curly hair, a hairstyle that is
    chin-length or slightly shorter is very easy to maintain. Get a cut
    with long layers and part it off to the side. Add a little styling
    spritz to give the sides a little volume. Glenn Close is one of the
    actresses that wears that cut.
  4. The stylish short Pixie cut

    Women with delicate features, no matter their age, look great in a
    layered pixie cut. It’s perfect for straight thick hair. To make
    sure this short cut doesn’t look too masculine, accessorize with a
    terrific pair of earrings.
  5. Trendy Short choppy haircut

     A short, choppy hairstyle with piecey bangs is a good choice
    for older women with straight or wavy hair. It’s a carefree look
    that requires very little maintainance. Meg Ryan is one of several
    celebrities that has worn this style well.

"Celebrity Hair Style Picture - Mackenzie Westmore" href=
Mackenzie Westmore with straight short hair"Mackenzie Westmore with straight short hair" src=
"Celebrity Hair Style Picture - Mackenzie Westmore" href=
Celebrity Hair Style Picture - Mackenzie Westmore

If you have longer hair in back and shorter in front, you can add
volume to your hair by incorporating some kick-back flicks in a
semi shag hair style. If you have long and thin face, then this
would ...

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