Boy-Crazy Stacey.

...was the title of my favourite Babysitter's Club novel. Babysitter's Club #8. I vividly remember the shelf in my elementary school library that housed this series. Have you heard the news? Ann M. Martin along with Scholastics is re-releasing the series paired with a newly written prequel. Read about it here.

When I was a wee little girl I loved the concept of clubs. Some friends and I had our 'golden pens' club which was inspired by three gold pens I bought that we could wear around our necks. I think we solved mysteries or were spies like Harriet the Spy. Hard to say. But it was a stand-out moment in the history of Sam.

The title also reminds me of my second year of university, when I too, was boy crazy. Who can focus on babysitting (studying) when there are so many boys to meet.

Although I now have a degree in English literature, I still don't mind encouraging new generations to indulge in the magic that is the babysitters club. Anything to inspire reading books.

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