The day off.

My work schedule leaves me with both Sunday and Monday off. It works out nicely with B because I get Monday all to myself to do what needs to be done (or to do everything but what needs to be done).

Yesterday I arose bright and early (because a certain orange, attention-craved cat was clawing at our mattress). I ate breakfast, caught up on some reading (blog-reading, not new years resolution book reading) and then went off to the mall to buy some new jeans. You see, beginning in June I made a solid effort to lose weight and I found much success. Unfortunately in September I unraveled all the good habits I had previously formed and since have gained 10lbs. Boy, does 10lbs make a difference. So after resisting I had to brave the mall to buy jeans that would fit while I whittle my middle over the next coming months.

I don't like the mall.

So we won't dwell on it. I found jeans and had frozen yogurt. The end - of that part.

I came home and battled with our new wireless router to give me access to the blessed internet.

I attempted to tidy the apartment (but really just moved things around to create an illusion that something had changed).

I went to the gym. Good for me.

I watched a movie.

At 11pm I decided to make chocolate zucchini bread. I went to turn the oven on to preheat and it made some popping noises followed by small billows of black smoke tumbling out of the dials. Oh dear. Oven is broken. Again. It's sad because our oven is so small and yellow and has retro-appeal. I fear it may need to be replaced (although I know my landlord will do anything to not have to buy another). Either way I like to bake more than I like the oven. So bring on the new appliance!

Here's a collage by Stephen Eichhorn to cheer everyone up:

Image here. Found via the thinking tank

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