Let this post be a warning to all. If you are to accept any sort of sample, be prepared to love the product no matter the cost. (Or, if you are going to accept any sort of sample, know how much the product costs before you try it, because you may love it).

While doing some Christmas shopping I found myself looking at facial moisturizers ( unproductive). Something with a subtle, natural scent. Something with powerful moisturizing powers. Something amazing, because winter can be cruel to my sensitive skin and strong-scented products do a number on my sinuses. A product called Fresh was suggested to me with a black tea formula. It smelled divine and I couldn't say no to a sample. It is one of their 'age-delay' formulas which doesn't concern me much (at 23 I am not yet worrying about wrinkles, just grey hair). I put it in my bag and forgot about it for about a week or so. After trying it however, I am beyond impressed. My skin is smooth, clear and I'd even go so far as to say glowing. Unfortunately when I went online to check to price... it is a bit out of my financial grasp these days. I love it regardless and will ration my tiny pot until it runs out. At that point I may be coaxed into trying their sugar lip treatment.

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