Hair Styles For Round Faces

short hair with round face"short hair with round face" src=

The Round face shape is a full face with a round chin and hairline
with the widest point at the cheeks and ears. This face shape is as
wide as it is long.

The goal of a round face haircut is to create less volume around
the face and minimize the appearance of roundness while creating
the illusion of a longer face.

Because hair styling terminology can be hard to follow if you're
not a stylist, this article includes celebrity examples of each
recommended cut.

If you have a round face shape the best haircut is one that adds
length to make your face seem longer, not wider. This face shape
can wear short or long styles, but cuts that fall below the chin
work best. No matter what length you choose, have your stylist work
in some crown layers, an easy way to add length and narrow the face
while adding fullness to the hair.

Graduated layers using wispy, tapered ends provide another great
tool to make your face seem slimmer. Wispy ends will flatter a
round face, but blunt, one-length ends will widen it. If you're a
fan of bangs, choose long or side swept ones, and choose off-center
or side parts. If you have a round face and curly or wavy hair,
minimize the curl and/or wave until you've passed your chin, the
look classical musician/TV personality Myleene Klass favors for
formal events such as the Classical BRIT Awards.

Short Hair Cuts

Short Texture hair for round face shape"Short Texture hair for round face shape" src=

If you like short hair, try a just below or above the chin-length
bob. A great example of a celebrity with this face shape and hair
style is actress Cameron Diaz, who styles her mane in a variety of
bobs. Diaz keeps her hair length from just below the chin to
shoulder length, and always has some bangs blended into the cut.

Want a shorter look? Try actress Michelle Williams' textured just
above the chin length bob that she began sporting in summer 2008.
The gentle waves at the bottom deflect the roundness of her face.

If bob's aren't your style, try a short, swept-back cut that draws
the hair away from the face, like actress Lisa Rinna. Keep your
hair straight, as curl or wave around the face will make it seem
more full.

Shoulder Length and Longer Hair Cuts

Shoulder length layer hair cut"Shoulder length layer hair cut" src=

If you like shoulder length to long hair, you'll need a cut with
soft, graduated layers to elongate your face. Kate Bosworth and
Kirsten Dunst also share your face shape and their long, graduated
layers provide a great example of this look. Vary the layers
throughout the length, but add the bulk of layers at the crown for

Styled appropriately, wavy hair can actually mask roundness. If
your hair is curly or wavy, and you want to keep it that way,
choose a shoulder length cut and use side parts, just as Michelle
Williams did in her Dawson's Creek days.

Another option is a long, layered hair cut like Mandy Moore's. It
elongates her face and the layers around the face, beginning at
chin length add definition.

Sport Styling

For those who enjoy sports activities, a round face can cause
frustration because it does not look its best with all of the hair
pulled back and/or tucked away. It isn't impossible to get it out
of the way and still look good though. For short hair, a simple,
thin head band can push the hair back from the face getting it out
of the way while creating volume at the top and sides of the crown
which will add height and elongate the face.

Keep your shorter bangs in front though to cover your forehead.
Many stylists tell those with round faces never to wear their hair
in a ponytail, but never say never. The round face can wear a
ponytail so long as the bangs are kept loose, as are a few tendrils
of above or below chin length hair. This frames the front and works
with either a low or high ponytail.

Final Thoughts on Hair Styles for Round Faces

By including a few layers to build texture, especially at the
crown, and working the majority of the waves and curls beneath chin
level, the round faced person can wear almost any style. Since hair
styles change often, one of the easiest ways to keep abreast of the
latest looks great for your face shape is to identify celebrities
who share it, and keep up with the looks they're sporting."rel-posts">

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