Hey David, nice tea.

Two weeks ago I stopped by a new favourite for some loose leaf tea. David's Tea is a Canadian company started by David Segal a tea lover who wondered why it was so hard to find a decent cup. It is, in one word, incredible. Originally attracted to the design of the store, I went in and was diligently offered a smart little glass of a vibrant pink tea to sample. It was, to my surprise, comparable to sweet berry juice. I later found out its clever name 'Bear Trap' (for the berries, you know). I brought some home and have been enjoying it at work for the past couple weeks. I also took home some of their Coco Chai Rooibos. Think a delicious chai with a hint of coconut.

Yesterday I went again and was assisted by a lovely lady named Harmony. She was delightfully informative and I left with an exciting selection of tea. Try these names on for size: Turkish Delight, Creme Caramel Rooibos, Tiramisu, Matcha Genmaicha (roasted brown rice and green tea), and Organic Caramel Pear. They all smell divine.

From the design of the store (swedish!), to the design of the packaging I love everything about David's Tea and will make it a monthly destination.

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