The Laundress.

I read about the Laundress while, not surprisingly (or maybe it is surprising, depending on the week), working out at the gym. Unfortunately my gym does not stock a stack of Blueprint back issues, and I rarely remember to bring my own so I am stuck with abandoned US Weeklys and other cast-offs. Sometimes, just sometimes, they hold little gems of information. So here we are.

The Laundress is focused on 'eco-chic specialty detergents'. They offer a variety of gentle detergents for specific types of hard-to-clean or dry-clean only fabrics. What I found particiuarly interesting is their 'Sport Detergent' meant specifically to remove bacteria in perspiration, body oils and odour -- which is great if you have a small rotation of 'activity' clothes that you use often.

To put the icing on the cake, they even have a dedicated page of laundry tips; something perfect for me (I don't always separate my lights from darks, shhh).

Image is from Lark. Also a convenient local place to purchase laundress products.

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