Links of Note.

Much Love prints by Ashley G.

Here we are, again, friday. We should all take the next two days to relax and do whatever it is that we please. For starters, please enjoy some links I found especially wonderful this week.

A new blog devoted to shelves. Check My Shelf found via where the lovely things are.

Some incredibly clever book jackets and bookmarks from Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy found via swiss miss.

An excellent time-keeping screen saver found via swiss miss.

Please do yourself a favour and check out the hilariy of My Milk Toof.

Have you voted for the Poppies yet? Place your votes here.

A type of tattoo I would definitely consider getting for myself.

The neatest extension cord (both literally and figuratively) you've ever seen. Found via Upstate Fancy.

Have a relaxing weekend my dears!

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