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It is Friday number two for 2010. Well done everyone, we're two weeks in. Here are some links of note for the past week that I happened to enjoy.

Most important: a list of ways to help aid in Haiti and a fundraiser silent auction here. Canadians can find a list of place to donate here.

A clever poster to help you keep that resolution to eat more fruit from Vik Design. Found here.

A fun tote made of recycled construction fencing by Ornj bags. Found via swissmiss.

I've seen a lot of talk of s'mores lately. Maybe try making your own graham-esque crackers?

A very cute DIY Valentine's day kit from Nice Package. Found via creature comforts.

An excellent guide to the city I live in: Vancouver. Y'all should come visit, y'hear? (and one for the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, where my parents live -- they're not on there though).

Have you heard of the catorialist? Well now you have. Found via for me, for you.

Aiding our ailing environment a resolution this year? Here is a great post on how to reduce food waste in 2010.

Gorgeous ceramic pieces by Lenneke Wispelwey. Found via where the lovely things are.

Last but not least, support Conan!

That's all I've got. Have a darling weekend!

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