Swedish Films

It is my observation that Swedes have an uncanny ability to capture the most sincere aspects of adolescence. I saw three movies this past year that indicated just that to me. If you ever hear of a Swedish film being shown and know nothing about it -- I urge you to go see it. I have not seen one yet that I have not liked immensely.

Show me Love

Show Me Love is a film that depicts early teenage years (and relationships) mainly through a developing romantic relationship between two young girls. I had never heard of this movie, but Brendan, knowing my love for the Flickan the movie below, bought it for me as a long shot.

Flickan (The Girl)

This film is a must see (if you can find it). It has been playing in festivals all year and I was lucky enough to see it during the Vancouver Film Festival. It is a beautiful movie. It is quiet, sincere and so lovely. It is the type of film I want to live inside of. A young girl is left in Sweden to be babysat by her aunt as her parents and brother depart to Africa for the summer. Angry that she is too young to go, she is determined to be independent.

Watch a trailer for the film here.

Let the Right One In

This movie saw more wide spread popularity than the two films previous. I wouldn't call it a 'vampire movie' but the theme is there. Again -- it is beautiful. From the scenery, to the youthful relationships (both bad and good), to the presence of gorgeous Swedish design this movie is spot on.

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