The train will take you there.

My sister just returned from a five week trek across Canada via train. Sounds great, right? Wish you were best friends so you could hear all about it? Well you're in luck! She blogged about her entire experience here. You should read it. It'll inspire you to go on an adventure.

I love trains. Cars, planes and boats always give me motion-sickness. But with the train - not so! I love the way trains cut through areas of land that are otherwise uninhabited. It feels almost like you're cheating, taking a shortcut. I like the idea of getting up and walking around while moving quickly (a facet I also enjoy about boats). And all in all I like trains because they are old in creation. I like old things. They make me feel nostalgia for something I was born too late to experience. A good nostalgia.

(Image from 'Oh the Places You'll Go By Train' taken in Halifax NS)

Seriously though - read the blog.

And go on a train.

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