Work out Gear.

One of my resolutions (it is an ongoing goal, really), like many others, is to become more active. Now, I have a gym membership and go through months where I go quite regularly. But when my motivation starts to falter I can usually bribe myself by buying something small and nice to take to the gym with me (e.g. magazines, water bottles, new music, nice towels). Here's a list of things I either use currently or would like to buy for myself when motivation is low.

1. A Moop Letter Bag. I have always wanted one of these multi-purpose bags and I think they would be great for toting to the gym.

2. Lululemon 'Not So Deep V' bra. I already own two of these bras. They are extremely comfortable, have removable padding and pockets for small items.

3. Voss water. Now I am not picky about bottled water and where it comes from. I try to stay away from it all together. I love the design of Voss's glass bottles and they are completely reusable.

4. New Music. Currently on my ipod are three albums: Grizzly Bear 'Veckatimest', the Talking Heads 'Stop Making Sense' and Louis Armstrong 'The Platinum Collection'.

5. A new magazine. Since both of my favourite magazines (blueprint and domino) have ceased to exist I haven't bought many magazines. I usually bring old issues of both with me for reading while on the elliptical. I am considering Lula magazine as a possible alternative.

6. Or Yokoo's latest bag. (While the acronym is far from related to the actual activity, it will leave other gym-goers confused and you happy whilst keeping the glory of Yokoo all to yourself).

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