Healthy Hair Tips

The basics

Eat healthily, stay hydrated and get enough sleep. All these basic rules are as important to your hair as they are to your body, so don't forget them.

Styling products

Avoid using styling products unnecessarily. If you can, try leaving in a good 'leave in' conditioner for as long as possible on a weekly basis. Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week and avoid products that contain alcohol, as this will dry out your hair. Be careful not to apply styling products to the scalp as it will block pores and create product build up. If you must heat style (with straighteners, for example) be sure to use a product that is designed to protect the hair from the heat.


Try not to pull on your hair or drag a brush through wet tangles. Use a good conditioner and gently de-tangle with your fingers prior to gently brushing.

Hair drying tips

Ideally, towel-dry the hair after washing, style as usual and allow any remaining moisture to dry naturally. When using a hair-dryer, always stick with the lowest heat setting possible; keep the dryer a good distance from your hair and keep moving it around - don't focus on one area for more than a few seconds at a time.


Use a swimming cap when possible. When this is not possible, try wetting your hair prior to swimming and applying a conditioning treatment to protect the hair. This way your hair won't soak up so much of the chlorinated or salt water. Always wash with a good shampoo designed for post-swim use and rinse thoroughly, applying more conditioner to finish.


Preferably always wear a hat in summer sunshine. If you prefer not to wear hats there are products designed to protect your hair from UV rays.

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